This is the best table hockey game ever made. It was manufactured around 1990 to 1998 and sold in the US and Canada.

The toy was originally called "Wayne Gretzky Overtime Hockey" when it was manufactured by Kevin Sports Toys (1990-91). It was later retitled "Wayne Gretzky NHL All-Star Hockey" when toy company Buddy L manufactured it (1992-95). After that, a Canadian company called Playtoy Industries made it (1996-98).

There were two different versions, a table-top version which wasn't as cool, and the Deluxe Edition.

The Deluxe Edition featured a large playing surface (40" long by 19.5" wide by 6" high, although you could purchase plexiglass to make the boards higher.

Here's what made the game cool: it was made very well and doesn't break very easily; you can buy any teams you want; and you can add plexiglass boards and benches for a more realistic look.

There was an accessories pack that you could buy that came with: a time clock, scoreboards, plexiglass, player benches, and a referee. The clock counted down five minutes, with two minute intermissions. The scoreboard was pretty lame--it's just two pieces of plastic with the numbers 0 thru 9 printed on it with a red box that slides over the number to keep track of your score.

All NHL teams were made up until 1994, the Ducks and the Panters being the last official NHL teams. Also, when a team changed it's uniform, they made new figurines to reflect the change (i.e. Pittsburgh Penguins in '92, Minnesota North Stars to Dallas Stars in '93). Both home and road NHL All-Star teams were made, in addition to generic Red and Blue teams around '96.

If you love table hokcey, this is the best one to own.

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