Missing the specifics that you would get actually going to a coffee shop below I give you a list of what will most likely be on the menu of any coffee shop you go to. This is particularly true if the Coffee shop in question is run by a corporation.

Cafe Au Lait
Caffe and Cocoa (This is a Cafe Au Lait with chocolate in it.)
Hot Chocolate
Caffe latte
Caffe Mocha
Caffe Breve
Caffe Americano
some kind of Iced/Frozen and/or Blended drink, such as the Frappucino or a Smoothie.
Italian Soda
You also find variations on things like the Mocha that involve White Chocolate instead of the usual Cocoa, or flavoring added to the Latte or Cappucino.

It should also be said tha many 'basic' shops also serve tea now -- just don't ask for a specific blend unless you want a pimpley 17 year-old staring blankly at you* -- and the Chai Latte - though it's usually the just-add-milk premade stuff, not the actual brewed-while-you-wait heavenly variety.

* - Few things are funnier at in the wee hours of the morning than to go to one of these places and ask the Coffee Jerk (play on Soda Jerk) for a cup of English Breakfast or Earl Grey.

"Earl's gay? Hey, Earl! These guys are sayin' yer' GAY!"

The Coffees

The Non-Coffees


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