Chai Latte

So you like a good Chai Tea, but you want a little more lactose? Or maybe you already love the Chai Latte, but don't want to support Starbucks. Either way, here's a quick method to getting yourself a tasty dose of life.

unperson says re Chai Latte: You may or may not want to note, it usually seems to have a fairly strong taste of nutmeg, reminding many people (myself included) a bit of pumpkin pie.


- 2 cups    milk (500 mL - 8 fl oz)
- 2 bags    single serving chai tea
-           whipped cream (optional)
-           honey (optional)
-           cinnamon (optional)


Place the milk into a saucepan and bring to a slow boil. Stir the milk slowly and be careful with the temperature, as milk burns easily. As the milk is starting to get hot, add the tea bags. Steep for two about two minutes. Take the tea bags out and pour milk into mugs. Add honey, whipped cream, or cinnamon as desired. Serves two.

Merry Christmas folks. If you'd like to try the elusive "Eggnog Chai Latte", just substitute eggnog for milk. Watch out, though... This is a totally different tasting drink.


The Starbucks version is made with Chai syrup and steamed milk, instead of a tea bag (although, by request, they will make that for you). The result is sweeter and less tea tasting, but still a good drink.

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