A drink consisting mainly of frothed milk, with a little bit of espresso sprinkled on top. The opposite of caffe macchiato.

You may like this drink if you are not used to the heavy hitting straight espresso, or if your stomach is giving you grief because you already had too much coffee today.

Literally, "milk stained".

Latte Macchiato Caldo would be steamed milk and a little froth, stained with a small amount of espresso. The espresso may be poured down the side of the glass, or dribbled on top, depending on the barista.

Latte Macchiato Freddo is just cold milk with a little espresso for flavor.

Step for step guide to latte macchiato:

  • Prepare some frothed milk (see How to froth milk) and an espresso.
  • Take a highball glass.
  • Pour the milk into the glass until it reaches the border, but spare some foam for later.
  • Slowly add the espresso (so it won't mix too much with the milk). It swims on the top of the liquid milk, but below the milk foam, which gives a three stripe look (white-brown-white). If the foam is thick enough, the glass shouldn't overflow. Looks nice, doesn't it?
  • Now cover the espresso stain with the remaining milk foam.
  • Serve with a long spoon, and no sugar.

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