A latte is an coffee-based drink, using espresso and steamed milk mixed together, with a dollop of foam on top. Many tasty versions use chocolate or other flavored syrups. This fine drink will always substitute well for sleep, and extra&espresso can be added for more kick and longevity.

Absolutely cannot stand coffee, though I have always liked the smell--coffee never tasted the way it smells.

But a latte, almost to the point of cappuccino, so that not only is there steamed milk, but the milk is frothed.

Some places will do this unasked; others, their style sheet so strict, that only a small dollop of foam will be allowed.

But it is an adult milkshake!!

When I was young, I loved the cold, the ice-cream, the vanilla flavour, and the sugar.

Now older, I like the kick of the espresso, the foam of the frothed milk--it must be stiff enough to hold several spoons full of sugar, not just give way like water--and the chocolate. One place I go, the server says I look like a cinnamon person, yech!!!

A neat/poncy trick to make your latte look a bit different

Firstly, you froth the milk like mad - needs to be as stiff as you can get it. Then pour it into a glass (this is important, as your drinking vessel must be transparent for this to be effective).

Whilst your frothed milk cools, it should begin to visibly separate into unfrothed milk (bottom), and frothed milk (top).

Make a shot of espresso & slowly pour the piping hot coffee into the cooled milk. If you're careful, the coffee will sit between the two milk layers. Et voila - one layered latte.

Principles behind it are elementary physics, (hot fluids less dense than cool ones) - but it looks pretty cool until you stir the sugar in!

To make the proper latte, steam your milk. See How to steam milk. Once your milk is steamed, pour your shot(s) of espresso into your glass. Now as you pour your steamed milk in, hold a spoon over the mouth of your steaming cup, so that any foam resting on top will be held back. Once the glass is almost full of espresso and mlik, scoop one or two large dallops of foam on top. Voila, a latte.

Now, as is mentioned above, there are different ways to do it, but this is the standard latte. Some people prefer a light layer of foam on top like themusic, others prefer to have a lot more frothed milk on top, like gm food, although I would call gm food's drink a cappucino before a latte.

Italian word meaning milk.

Caffe Latte is probably an Seattle invention, several years ago you could not get one at a coffeehouse in Italy. Asking for a "latte" would get you a glass of cold milk, or directions to the nearest grocery store. The closest thing at the time was Latte Macchiato, which was nowhere near as popular as Caffe Latte is in America.

At home however, Caffe' e latte was a common morning only drink, consisting of moka pot coffee mixed with heated milk. Used for dipping biscotti or biscuits, more than drinking.

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