Moka, or Moka-pot, or Stove-top Espresso Maker:

A popular coffee brewing device. The device originated in Italy around 1903. Typically made out of aluminum(cheap) or stainless steel(expensive). Usually has a hourglass shape; newer models, however, look like miniature pitchers. The device consists of three parts: the water chamber (bottom), the filter basket (middle), and the top-chamber (top).

Water is placed into the water chamber. Coffee is packed into the filter basket. The filter basket is then placed into the water chamber. Finally, the top-chamber is screwed onto the water-chamber.

The moka-pot is placed onto a stove at low or medium heat. Steam pressure builds up in the water chamber causing water to rush through the filter-basket and up a spout in the top-chamber. The resulting coffee is very strong and rich. Not exactly an espresso, but very close.

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