After five years of working in nine, read it again, 9! coffee shops, I think I may possibly have the most fool proof recipe for the perfect latte.

This recipe can be used in the comfort of your own home, if you have a proper frothing wand, or if you decide to get your own cup because your favorite barista is off flirting with some asshole at another table.

First off, steam your milk or soy before you decide to attack the espresso. Pour 6-8 oz. of the cold beverage into your frothing cup, and dip wand end about one inch under the surface of the liquid. REMEMER! Better to have the wand too far into the cup than not deep enough, as you will spew the white stuff all over yourself, and frankly, it looks ridiculous. Place thermometer into cup, and consider holding that with your thumb. Next, turn knob until you hear that *Scheuooooooow* and it sounds fairly powerful. Not too powerful though, you don't want to scald the liquid. To make froth, bring cup down until wand makes bubbles. Lots of them, and you can keep your froth by bringing the wand back down and allowing the pressure to buoy it. Watch your temperature and turn knob off at approxiamately 175 degrees. Set the cup aside and allow for it to set.

Espresso: One and a half tablespoons of ground espresso need to be put into the espresso basket, either by you and a spoon, or one of those kickin' grinders that click out the perfect amount everytime. Two clicks should do you. Tamp is very important. You need to tamp the espresso with just enough pressure to let it know who's boss, but not enough to hurt it. Make sure you have a shot glass or cup under the head you will be dropping the espresso out of. Lock it into that machine head, and press your button. It might need to be watched, or maybe it's timed, just keep your eyes on the damn thing. You want the espresso to drop between 15 and 35 seconds. The lower the number, the greener the taste. The higher the number, the more bitter. Somewhere in the middle will provide a rich crema with a sweet aftertaste.

Now, you can either perform the drop effect, where you pour your milk-like substance into the serving cup first, and then the shot, or you can do it my way and pour the shot first, then slowly stir in your milk. Allow for a small amount of foam at the top, dollops can be poured or applied with a spoon.

For more shots, allow for about 2 oz. more milk, and of course a bigger cup. Have fun with your 'spro, flavor it, love it, just don't spill it. And never, ever..... TOUCH THE WAND!

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