less, least, gone
a going-out-of-business sale, everything must go
he wasn't going to wake up one morning
and take it back

she didn't know where that sense
of wrong-wrong-wrong came from
maybe it's the having a thing and losing it
that breaks us in the end

he was many things to her
not the least of which her fate
and pain is the biggest part of love
or didn't you know?

light showered down on her
white rain, the color of can't remember
artless, unrehearsed, sweet
a state of genuine grace

like the sun sailing out from behind a cloud

he always talked special to her, listened special to her
but she listened now only to the beat of her own heart
soft and low, in colors that have no name

she sees with what's missing
hears what isn't there
feels a flicker, just a flicker of something
not hope, maybe, but something very like it

he had been the best of all her days
still, she could start with what she knew

and remake it

a simple enough act, some might say
but any act that remakes the world is heroic

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