The light, and how it changes everything
deep skies full of stars, how it distances me
sad radio music, and what it reminds me of-
the truth, and who I am when I look at it
my past, and what I learned from it today
my reflection- how it doesn't match where I am, where I will be

the sound of my voice on answering machine tape-
tragiserious, looking for meaning on a blank slate
What is truth? When I look at it, is it distorted by my own perception? Yes, for truth is, in fact, my perception of things. Nothing else can be truth tor me.

Who am I when I look at truth?

I am a child.
I am afraid, I am alone.
I am overwhelmed, I am confused.
When first confronting truth, I am disbelieving, closed minded, overly critical of myself.
When I finally make the leap, and accept truth, I am set free.
I am a smile. I am a giggle.
I am love.

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