I just forgot everything I knew about art.


Just another tabula rasa, nose to the grindstone,
let's-get-shit-done, thinkingofthefuture(mo st ly my fu tu re) human.

Will you be my friend anyway?

We can go on these nice long walks, although
I really don't know any good walkpaths around here,
I don't get out much but we could talk about
All the Futures we see, in the yellowing leaves
or those jogging past us (Hello, If you've just joined me here,
( i promise i won't be mad if you skipped the beginning
  & went straight for the middle ) Welcome ! I , myself
, am a fan of skipping to the middle(or-the-lou)
and of course I will always skip the end (not to but over)).

A friend is someone who likes you.

Preferrrably skipping to your lou, my darling.

But that's neither here nor there.

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