I'm 15 years old, but I forget most of the time. I skipped first grade, they'd taken me out because I could read well, or something. Most people don't know. They assume I'm their age too. Most of my friends are 17, or... some other number, distant from 15. Still, I can't get my license, I can't get into an R-rated movie... apparently I'm not supposed by be playing Quake III without parental consent.

Chicks don't dig younger guys, adults don't respect younger people; anyone who doesn't know me, but knows my age, will always be biased. It can be rather frustrating. Everyone's always been older than me, and sometimes I wonder if that's what made me so fucked up. Can you relate? Can you imagine being who you are, but always being younger? Probably not. Maybe this is blind youth talking.

I'm 15. How did this happen?
So you're 15 years old. If you're like our friend Ryouga here, forget about pricks. Pricks will never treat you right, it doesn't matter if you're fifteen, fifty, or one hundred and fifty. So people don't respect you because of your age, don't respect people because of their bias. Follow Washu's example. A 20,000 year old Scientist with the body of a twelve year old who never wants to grow up. Let people underestimate you but let that get in their way. Associate with people who don't suck and it's not a problem.

So society is afaraid of you. They punish you by sending you to school and by not trusting your grasp of reality, fearing that exposure to Quake III, Magnolia, or The Matrix will be enough to set you off on a killing spree. Let them think that. You should fully grasp that society is a machine designed to force you into class and caste and exploit all that you can recognise of society.

So you're fucked up, big deal. Everyone important in the world is completely and irreversibly fucked up. Clinton has loyalty problems with his wife, Stephen Hawking is forced to talk like a macintosh, George W. Bush often looks stupid, and Alexander Hamilton couldn't apologise to Aaron Burr to save his life. Most people in the world are fucked up too, you just don't realise it. Embrace your fucktitude and grow from it.

In short, your age isn't a problem, how you let it affect you is.

It's the hard knock life, for us...

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