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"You are going to grow tired of hearing me say 'I love you' all the time"


Never comes around sooner than you'd expect. Forever never lasts long enough, suddenly it's been and gone. We'll never be forever again.

We lit up the world. We moved time. We made life happen. And then your words sliced through the fabric of my reality, like a sheet of impenetrable glass cutting me off from what was, shattering what was to have been. The gunshot sound of your voice is still ringing in my ears, the blackness of your letters imprinted on my retina until they fade, leaving white scars.

Pressing my palms against the coldness of you walking away I listen, time and time again, to the sound of your silence, the way you no longer breathe against my cheek. And I fall apart, and slide to the floor of this place, this place that used to be my safe place.

This place, this prison.