I'm minding my own business.
Gonna sit down & have a spot of tea,
maybe write a little 'cause I got two poems
beating up the inside of my brain.
I'm heading towards the table I like
when this guy sneer leers at me.
In a hoarse voice, he says:

"I wanna fuck you up the butt."

My one antennae dreadlock pokes up,
goosebumps become wart-sized on my arms,
my skin flushes a searing would-be red,
my throat is sandpaper
'cause he said this to me before
& I didn't like it then
& I don't like it this time
& I won't like it tomorrow either.
So, I turn to this stranger

& I say: "Oh yeah?"
& he says: "Yeah."
So, I say: "Funny,

I was just having some thoughts about you…
like maybe we could get naked together,
& then slowly I'll take my

B I G John henry Hammer & pretend you're the railroad tracks.
I got to lay you down faster than the steam engine.
But, I promise to only use rusty spikes.
I'll save the most corroded, thick and bumpy one for last
so I can be slow & careful about it going right
through your urethra,
through your anus,
through your spinal column,
bloody into the bed! Okay?

When you're firmly pinned,
I'll pretend you're Prometheus & I'll be the eagle.
I'll flap my arms like fantastic razor edged wings,
dance wildly around the room crazed and out of control
before I swoop down to rip open you abdomen
eat your liver,
throw it up,
& eat it again!
& then, once we've had all that fun…

maybe…just maybe…if you whimper soft enough
cry out in agony loud enough; grovel on the floor
eat your own shit grinning & chanting my glories,
I might just let you fuck me up the butt.

So, ready to go?

--Svaha (Her Divine Serenity)

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