You know, we Asians have utterly failed to fail as a minority. We make up less than 5% of the American population, less than blacks and Hispanics. But, we do not reap any benefits whatsoever under affirmative action. Instead, we have quotas placed against us in the corporation and in the academic world. I see no scholarships that say Asian Only in the engineering office. Why is that?

It seems that the liberals today intend on holding against us working too hard and succeeding too much. The first modern influx of immigrants to Canada and California in the 1960's and 1970's worked hard in an alien country and did well. We, according to the last round of stats, make just as much money, per capita, as whites, and are more educated as well. Good for us, right?

Instead, we get a load of crap about how we are overly represented in corporate America and in the nation's top colleges and have a big quota slapped on us. Asian or white? Forget MIT unless you're a complete genius. See that black/Hispanic girl? She's getting in instead of you, even though she is less qualified! Why? Political correctness! Affirmative action! Under-representation of the minorities!

Liberals are quick to forget that we are still a minority, and most likely will remain a minority for many decades, if not forever. Asians should receive even more benefits as a minority faction than blacks and Hispanics. Instead, we get the opposite. Screw "unequal representation". We worked hard, and we deserve all the benefits of our efforts.

The University of California college system recently got rid of the quota. Incidentally, colleges have always claimed that "the Quota" doesn't exist, but UC finally admitted it and got rid of it. Look at the enrollment stats this year. Soon, we will really become the opressive minority there.


That was sarcasm there.

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