Those aloof boys. God damn, I am a sucker for them. This must stop. Maybe it's the guys I pick, maybe it's me, but it seems that every other guy I seem to become interested goes from interested to aloof. I thought I was trying to hard, but this even happens when I make sure I wait to return calls, or emails. Normally I'd just leave the situation.. but nooooo as soon as I leave.. they act interested just long enough for me to come back.. then they return to being aloof!

Now I am only talking about the infatuation stage. These aren't relationships. It is still frustrating though, although I suppose it is a challenge. I think I will just become a nun.

It's annoying.. the ones who who are aloof don't ignore me, they are sweet.. just not any sweeter than they are to their sister. They are usually confident in themselves, and their abilities and talents.. I find that for me to respect someone, they have to respect themselves.. guys who fauwn over me kinda freak me out.. it is like what are they hiding?

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