John Perrel strikes again. I rode Michele's bus home to her house. The while time he's going - "What Dave, you want to know if she's busy tonite?", "What you want her number?" Ok, so I still like him a little, but his brother is so annoying.

I met this total amazing hot guy today. His name is Scott. Mike and him were talking, and looking over at me in the library. Mike calls me over, and goes "Do you two know each other?" He said no. I had seen him but thats it. Mike then said "Vicki, Scott, Scott, Vicki, now you know each other". I just laughed and walked away all nervous. Ater school Michele and I were walking to Key Club. We ran into Scott, and he said "Hey Vicki, person I now know".. I just said hi in a really high pitched voice, giggled and walked really fast. He is soooo hot.

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