The title of a book I bought last Christmas. The 5 Year Journal is a blank 8 1/2”x11” 266 page book. Every page contains the following:

February 11
20__- __________________________________________

followed by 4 more sets of blank lines. The idea here is this: Every year on February 11, I fill in the appropriate year. 20__ becomes 2001 this year. Then on the 3 lines I summarize my day. Sometimes it is a boring chronicle of events, sometimes it is a single philosophical sentence.

Every month has a “Focus Thought” at the beginning of the month and “End Summary” at the end. There are “Quarterly Questions” 4 times a year---they remind me of a high school yearbook.

At first I thought the whole thing was pretty lame, but I’ve really gotten into it now. I am tired of days and years passing that I don’t remember save for a few major memories and a few rolls of film.

The 5 Year Journal was created by Doreene Clement, an entrepreneur from Phoenix, Arizona, and is (as of now) completely independent. I found mine in the Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe.

more info:
ISBN 0-9637138-0-9

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