In my opinion, Everything serves an excellent purpose as a journal. Not a day log, but rather a collection of my thoughts at the moment, preserving any I think at all worthy of preservation.

Consider: I have, at one point or another, decided to start keeping a journal. These attempts were always very shortlived. Why? I saw no point; I myself could keep the thoughts in my head, and though elucidation sometimes was accomplished through actually writing them down, it seemed to me fairly futile and time consuming. Odds were, the book would go completely unread, except perhaps for years afterwards, and then only to remind myself how I had once been.
But! Ah ha! Everything provides that opportunity for me to present my intellectual fancies to the world! To have them circulate! Interact! Make friends! Grow stronger! Even an opportunity for other people with clever nicknames to tell me how smart I am, in the form of handy-dandy, easy to swallow XP, or, in the event of a real epiphany on my part (or theirs, I'm not stingy with epiphanies), the beloved Cool.

Everything - What a beautiful thing.

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