It's a group of friends like none I've ever had before. It's not just conversation, games, silliness, seriousness, debates, and all the usual friend stuff. I've been there many times, and forever, I thought that was good.

There are connections here, not just from time and space, not just from a few shared moments. Deep beneath the surface, in those areas of the mind we rarely visit, and almost never speak of, we have shared experiences and beliefs, at our cores. Our minds are no longer isolated, but seemingly enhanced by the presence of these others.

Ideas come faster and more clearly, and we learn and comprehend things from each other that nobody else could ever have taught. A resonance makes us all greater when we are around each other.

We have discussed things we never thought we would, dug deeper into ourselves than we ever have before. Stories of things done alone, things we were ashamed of, until we learned from each other that not only were those things ok, but they were often emulated by others. A story I never thought I could tell to another living soul becomes a humorous little anecdote.

Others relate experiences that have changed them, ones that most of us thought never happened to people, especially ones so close to us. Of vicious attacks, pain and suffering, of close friends lost, loneliness and sorrow, of victories so minor nobody else would notice.

We see the world in similar ways, ways that we know few others do, because of a unique angle. A handicap turned around and viewed as a blessing, of something taken for granted by most, but treasured to us. We wonder if there's order amongst the chaos, if we were meant to be made stronger through our experiences and bonds, or if the hand of fate that has put us here has no master.

As we sit later on, doing things silly and fun, I take a moment to appreciate what is truly here, of the good luck I must possess to be around these people. And I know how great things are.

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