So you're there. You have the drive, the know how, and the ability to do it. Now that you've achieved a level of technicality in your style that says to the world, "Hey look at me! I'm a great artist!" Why not just go out and do something completely different? Maybe you've become extremely good but you're bored with the prospect of sitting around, writing out tunes in the middle of the night. You could possibly be afraid of putting together a piece that was so catchy that you couldn't get it out of your own head. So you have your reasons. You've got a motive, and it's driving itself into your head, making you doubt your skills, making you wonder just what you did to get to this point in the first place, and you're constantly pondering what it is you're going to do to get somewhere in the second place.

Give it up.

It's not that hard. Just put down the pen and pick up a gun- err... a spoon, and a wooden spoon at that. Make yourself some cookies, because you're gonna need some sustenance to get you through this journey. Take that spoon and think about it. Ponder the bits of cookie dough that have attached themselves to it. Examine the grain of the wood, the way it seems to flow toward the handle, enticing you to pick it up, to hold it gently as you lick from it the sweet, deliciously sinful bits of chocolate from its warm... round... Well, maybe cooking isn't for you (or maybe just not for me), but in order to get over what has just occurred, maybe you should take arms against the wood that has taken over your thought process.

I hear lumberjacking's nice this year. Heck, even if not, at least you get the honor of having a plate (and a large one at that) at Denny's named after your job title. I can't say I've seen to many symphonic steaks or orchestral omlettes at the Denny's I used to go to, so chop that wood, and dig in.

If lumberjacking's too much work for you, you could always go into fashion design, make little pants for little monkeys. Go on talk shows and promote your new clothes. You'd have the leeway to design clothes that no one in their right mind would ever wear for models to trot around on the runway in, and that could be a new sort of pastime in and of itself. Of course, fashion design is an art, in its own way, and one thing we know about a lot of great artists is that a higher percentage of great artists than great anything else's are... Alcoholics! So grab that bottle and drink the hell out of it.

Hey, when you're done with all this, you'll have a heap of wacky real world experience, and, who knows - You might find that you do like making music, and maybe even one of the above activities, and you might even be inspired to write a song about said activity.

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