This was a side project of Milla Jovovich’, completely contrary to her earlier album “The Divine Comedy”, and by the same token, absolutely a divergence from her most recent music in her band Plastic Has Memory (which by this time, has broken up). She described this CD as ‘hardcore space Frank Sinatra music’, or in one interview, “Frank Sinatra on acid”; I say it is scratchy and tortured and warbly and occasionally lucid. It is more than anything, layered. it is layer upon layer of (amateuristic) sounds and drowning voices, it is summertime and lazy and paranoid. It’s for sitting around and maybe being anxious. It would certainly make you nervous.

Hey Lord, I know you’re up there.. send your smile across the sea

Frankly, I loved, or learned to love a few songs but the rest didn’t reverberate with me one speck; they were too tangential, too nothing songs, too full of Milla not even singing but rambling, incoherent. Don’t expect her pretty commendable adolescent attempt at creating music (the aforementioned ‘The Divine Comedy’) to be anything whatsoever like this. It was sweet (and rather dark), folkish, and in parts exquisitely dialectical.. this is more attitudeish and uncooked.

I like it, I like it, I do. But I am biased, I love Milla; like a child, her embarrassing achievements become unembarrassing, so I never know if its me or if the things she does are lovable to others. Its just, its not very appetizing. It’s, as she rasps, like coughing up blood, in the morning. it’s, most of all, a very intimate recording. Apparently (according to it was a culmination of Milla and ‘other roaming musical energies gathered daily for gossip, birdsounds and song. The result is a moody, magical record full of dark corners and glimmering trinkets.’ Well. There you go.

Let’s see the discography here:

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