Only tonight i came across this again.. Milla Jovovich came out with this one night in early 2000 in a thread on the website of one of her recent films, The Claim. I love it so much it hurts.

"I'm standing in this place, here, in this exact place where we laughed so much and the way you said my name will echo always in my brain, the way you took my hand, so sure of this if nothing else, so sure that this was something to rely on with closed eyes because I told you, told you so many times how much I love you, this place is here still, it will never change for a hundred years, but we will have disappeared to God knows which dimension, which time, which space, among strangers who will say so many things to fill our ears. This exact place, I'm here! But none of that matters anymore, I see your shadow and I almost feel your face, it seems so strange that I can't just bring it back, trace your form on the walls and remind you of that time... I live among ghosts that walk around me carelessly, they speak of tenderness with their cold tongues, they entertain me daily, they sit daily with me, whispering my name just like you did and when I'm sure that this can't be, I can't have such vivid memories of things and they're just gone! If I stand here and scream till my soul catches fire, they will arrive, they must for they were here before, right here in this place where I stand now. I will wait."

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