"To say the least, you have a most drawing personality.. you are more than distraction, you're derailing, my train of thought isn't ignored temporarily, it's demolished."

"I'm falling in love with you.."

I don't know, I thought those were pretty dreamy, but I've noticed the person who said the above is actually quite full of dreamy thoughtfulness.

I've heard a lot of dreamy things in my life, such as "it's nice to share a universe with you", among other things. It takes a really neat little human to say something that I actually consider dreamy. There are so many amazing people who wander in and out of my conciousness, that I couldn't possibly mention all the things that would fit well here..

I was talking to my dreamy Australian friend once, and said that I would give him my pocket change were he to send me some Australian water. He responded with:

"I'll push a little wavelet in the canadian direction from the harbour and you can catch that, uh, somewhere.. it might fall as rain or something."

A noder msg'd me with this the other day, I thought it was all kinds of infinitely dreamy: "your nodes have a way of breaking through all of life's hardness and reminding me that there are people in the world who deserve to be loved simply because of who they are. vague, I know, but i really mean it: thank you for sharing." I mean, that just makes me smile copious amounts and whatnot.. thank you.

Oh, sweet sweet dreamy words, how I love thee.

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