I am not a part of.. this world that would have young girl slash wrists when frustration based on idiocy of blind youth surmounts, they neglected wisdom that should have been passed on but instead was passed by and now we are all so lost and..

         I am not a part of this. i am not in a world 
         that would not accept a love that 
         breaks free of 
you should have known. i should have known. i would have deconstructed disgusted looks before they were conceived by those who would have you believe they can set love's boundaries.
                there are no boundaries here as
                my head rests against invisible chest,
                close to the heart of.. you, they
                wouldn't believe the feelings that
                i can't explain or describe despite
                desperate attempts to gain an 
                     (i don't need yours)
if you read it in that flashy false beauty magazine you'd believe that it could be, but instead i am forced to stare off into space feeling alone in my acceptance of the strange ways that life unfolds, twists your views look behind you and brings you things you were so sure could not exist in such a place. if you'll just let them.
                             such a place
                             it was where i met you
                             and fell for thought'y matter
                             from unfamiliar mind that
                             brought me more comfort than
                             arms of mothers around
                             young children
i am a part of some
world, or.. 
                 have i lost you? you've lost.
it's time i had some time alone. felt fine have i when sun sinks from dead eye reflection of a past (you forgot to leave it behind).

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