First aired June 2, 1999
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season Seven
The Dogs of War - What You Leave Behind

The series finale of DS9.

In 2375, the new USS Defiant joins the Federation-Romulan-Klingon fleet and they all head towards Cardassia Prime for one heck of a battle. They get leveled until the Cardassian fleet turns against the Dominion. Odo beams down to the Dominion headquarters only to find Kira Nerys, Garak, and Damar have broken in already. Odo links with the Female Shapeshifter and she agrees to surrender after Odo heals her. The Dominion has lost the war.

They return to DS9 victorious and Sisko goes to stop Dukat from releasing the Pah-Wraith from its prison. Kai Winn and Dukat had gone there to do that but Sisko kicked some butt so Dukat and the Pah-Wraith got locked down with the key to open it (gone forever) and then the sad part comes: Odo leaves to The Great Link to teach The Founders not to be evil (Poor Kira), Miles goes to teach at Starfleet Academy, and Sisko joins the Prophets for an indefinite amount of time.

everytime you go,  away
you take a little piece with me 
Paul Young 

This is you
making another hasty exit,  out of town and 
out of reach

You are here,  sharing my day 
until suddenly,  you are not 

Your music,  your clothes, your perfume
they stay behind 
wordless reminders that you are both gone and also remain





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