What if, by some chance of... whatever, Christ or Buddah or The Twelfth Imalm or Krishna or whatever name we want to assign to it came back... the Return so many of us have been "waiting" for? Would we know it? Be careful how you answer that.

In the Bible Christ says He'll return to us "like a thief in the night," at an hour unknown to us and He'll be gone before we've realized He was there at all. At the same time, He gives us warnings of signs to watch out for, prophecies. Great... good deal... so we can expect the thief tonight, expect these things to happen when he gets here, expect these indications of his presence WHILE he's here, but we won't know it until after he's long gone... except a spare few of us. Well doesn't that just seem like fun? What good is an alarm system if it doesn't work, ya know?


Anyway... what if He came back? Would anyone want to acknowledge it? Would anyone *want* to prepare for it? Would anyone *want* to accept it? I've seen so many people bitch, gripe and moan about how depraved this world has gotten but I see so little of people cleaning up their acts. I tend to wonder if Yassir Arafat, during his college days, griped about the disunity between Israel and Palestine, if, in a fit of youthful naivetté, he felt outraged at the spiritual injustices being meted out by both sides of the situation. If so, what happened between then and now? What happened to his idealism?

I'm still not getting to the crux of it, am I? No.

I heard a guy last night gossip with a friend of his about someone else, mostly just catching up on the latest scuttle, ya know? He was regaling us all with the soap opera-like insanity of this unknown person who couldn't even be present to defend themselves. Not 30 seconds after he's done a great job of back-biting, he goes, "Drama. I hate it, man. People stabbing each other in the back all the time. What a fucking waste. I wish people wouldn't do it so damn much." ...... WHAT?!?!?!? Did he not pay ANY attention to what he'd said less than a minute before that???? He must be one of those people who spouts off about how the ills of the world must be attended to with love and forgiveness while telling anyone who isn't in his church they're hell-bound heathens.

Hypocrisy, my friends. We've gotten so familiar with hypocrisy that, like murder, we've become desensitised to it- we've become ignorant of its effects... and consequences. The more people ignore the blatant spirtual diseases in this world, the less likely they'll be able to enjoy the Rapture... so one would think.

It's like this: if you have the flu you don't cure it by going for a morning jog, eating mexican food and drinking massive amounts of alcohol. You recognize that you're sick and do everything you can to make yourself feel better. That's just common horse sense, right? So the world is sick with racism, prejudice, greed, lust, fear, war, pride... all kinds of ills... and instead of people doing their best to avoid these things, they indulge more. They lie, cheat and steal to get that gold Lexus. They cheat on their wives (54%!!!! divorce rate in the US). They spend thousands on facelifts and cosmetic "enhancements". They squander their children's college funds in a game of poker. They beat their immediate family members. They shoot their neighbors. They sit on a park bench and watch some woman get raped in Battery Park... oh the sickness we must bear witness to!

If people want it to change, then why don't they change their perspective? Why act on the motive to cause someone harm? If they knowingly TRY to hurt someone, they should do us all a favor and keep their mouths shut about the ills that surround us. If they're not part of the solution, they're part of the problem.

We've got countless volumes of religious scripture *telling* us how to wake up out of our slumber, how to fix these global ills. If we TRULY trust in God, as the US national currency purports, then why don't we listen to what He has to say? And don't sit there and say you DO, it's that other guy who doesn't. Statistically speaking, if every person who claims to obey the rules of God really *was* obeying, this world wouldn't be the shambles it has become.

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