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GATE is a program in schools in California, and I think nation-wide, that targets the super-intelligent overachievers. It stands for Gifted And Talented Education. Some people I know have had wonderful experiences with the GATE program: Trips to Sacramento, Class music video projects. My experience included 20 hours a week of extra work doing boring research projects on dead artists. I think it will be an awesome program once they refine it -- it will be a way to keep the attention-deficit-very-intelligent kids from getting dicouraged in school, dropping out, and getting arrested for Grand Theft Auto.

An Amiga demo scene group from Finland.

Gate was one of the better Finnish Amiga crews between 1989 and 1990. While the group itself never really reached an international legend status, it had some very skilled members who later went on to make name for themselves in more well-known teams. The most famous of the bunch being Bruno, a musician way ahead of his time who is generally considered to be one of the very best composers the Amiga scene ever saw. The graphician Golem was the other future legend, getting ranked among the top Finnish gfx artists years after he quit his scene career! Gate naturally included a fair amount of other capable members, like the coder Wraith and the musician Griffon. Even the famous composer Dizzy was a shorttime member. In addition to the people in Finland, a Norwegian division and some other foreign members were also recruited. In fall 1989 Gate announced their cooperation with an unknown team called Exec, but not much information about this is available. At one point they lost some of their members to the newly formed Complex, and some not-so-pleasant exchange of words occurred between the two teams. Perhaps the Gate people forgot that they had snatched some members from Phalanx (which later became Complex) a year earlier...

Gate released a respectable bunch of products during its existence, the most famous one being the Bruno's Music Box II musicdisk. Two mega demos were also created, and especially the latter one was received very well. Other products included a slideshow for Golem's art, a few other music disks and several intros. One smaller product worth noticing is the Gate & Exec "New Stuff" intro with an amazing tune by Bruno over some decent line vectors. Gate also arranged a small copy party in winter 1989, with approximately 300 (mostly drunken/stoned) visitors attending.

Gate reached the end of its road in December 1990. Most of the Finnish members formed the Finnish division of Anarchy, and soon released the the famous third volume of the Bruno's Music Box series. Most of the people from Norway also moved to Anarchy, while a few joined Crusaders. As the remaining members were also forced to disband, crews like Frantic, Vectra and Pure Metal Coders gained some new ex-Gaters.

Most of Gate's releases are available in ftp.amigascne.org.

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Information came from Gate products and my own memory.
A few details were taken off http://exotica.fix.no/info/scenery/online/g.html and http://www.byterapers.scene.org/
No cut'n'paste.

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© Webster 1913.

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