A multi-platform demo scene group from Finland, formed in 2001.

The exact birth date of Instant Ejakulation, officially abbreviated iEn, is hard to pinpoint. In July 18, 2001 a bunch of old ex- Amiga sceners and their friends started joking on IRC about forming a semi-serious scene group and releasing some simple and small old school productions for fun. A java intro was planned, but since its designated coder was too busy with his studies at the Helsinki University of Technology, nothing in a long while. In early 2002 people mysteriously regained their enthusiasm, and the group started getting "organized" (well, sort of) and working on a few intros currently just about to come out.

iEn is not an average modern demogroup. They plan to release their productions outside of parties and competitions, which is almost unheard of these days. As the name suggests, the group doesn't take itself too seriously and is more interested in having fun than trying to be l337. However, the first rule from the start has been that despite the crew's humorous nature, there will not be any 2-color-flashing-penis-drawing -releases from iEn. (A few of us already did that as Fluor on Amiga nearly 10 years ago.) Who knows, the team might even create some serious high quality demos in the future. Don't hold your breath, though.

Oh, and in case you were wondering.. Omegas came up with the silly and parodic group name, and Typo was the one who invented the even more ridiculous abbreviation. So blame them! :)

updated March 12, 2002

Break        disorganizing, music, gfx
Deee         visionary poser
Duck         code
Jeppe        support
Jope         näppis-section
Keiichi      gfx
Multiplex    code
Omegas       code
Reko         gfx
Typo         bonus hangaround member

updated April 8, 2002
  • Digital Lisko
  • The Search for the Lost Blue Vector Cube - Part 1
  • Untitled PET Intro

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