also known as a pixel artist or pixeler, a graphician is a computer artist that works in conjuction with coders (programmers) and MOD musicians to make demos. traditionally, graphicians create their work at the pixel level—where line, color, dithering and anti-aliasing are achieved through manual means. traditionally, also, since graphicians and the demoscene originated on the amiga in Europe, the resolution of most pixel art was at 320x256 (which is the standard screen resolution of most early PAL RGB amiga monitors).

although most of the demoscene activity has moved on to faster, more powerful PC machines, higher resolutions (640x480 and up) and Adobe Photoshop there are still a number of dedicated individuals and groups that continue to create both demos and pixel art on the amiga.

many graphicians both amiga and PC can be found on the Euro EFnet IRC channel #pixel.

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