An obscure C64 and Amiga demo scene group from Finland.

Axion, also known as Axion 1999 was formed as a C64 team in 1988 when Hacker Trick Group, CST and Point-X merged together. The three groups had a reputation of being rather lame, and to top it off the new team reportedly boasted to be the number one group from the start. Naturally, Axion didn't receive a very warm welcome from the Finnish "elite".

Lame or not, Axion was also active on Amiga, although they only released a limited amount of small demos plus a packdisk series. Known members of the Amiga section include JJ (coder), Abigail (swapper), Monkey (musician from Denmark) and TMB (swapper). The most notable feature of Axion's 16 bit productions seems to have been Abigail's flame war against The Wicked of Bloodsuckers in scrolltexts. Abigail in general seems to have be the most despised member of his despised crew, as other groups apparently even formed "Federation against Abigail" at one point.

Eventually, becoming the mortal enemy of the entire Finnish scene killed off Axion in 1989. TMB (aka Sami Salonen) joined Byterapers, but the fate of other members is unknown to this noder. Except for the coder JJ (aka Jukka Jäkälä), who programmed a well-known shareware game Rally Sport for PC years later.

Amiga Scene Groups

Axion & Byterapers productions

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