Twenty Out of Twenty

I wrote a poem recently,
And turned it in at school.
But it seemed I had forgotten,
A yet unmentioned rule.

"Size doesn't matter."
Such is as I thought.
Instead I came to find,
That this was actually not.

If my poem could speak
I'm sure it would protest:
"Size alone can divide,
The better from the best."

Of poems there are not a few,
Made of tulgey wood.
So to pare them to the core,
Would do all some good.

Though all of Birnam wood
March up through the moor.
I will never be so hurt,
As I was to see that score.

Right to the quick,
Like Caesar; "Et tu, Brute!?"
I thought she would like it;
But did she? Indeed not -- Nay.

Thirteen out of twenty,
Is quite a sorry score.
Especially when one feels,
Like he deserves much more.

A time may come when my poems
May indeed be plenty.
And still I'll think that no other should've had,
Twenty out of Twenty.

Nathaniel Mitchell 2/3/2004

The other poem referenced in this one is Needle and Thread, also by me. See it for the full story.
As a side note, I received a "Very creative!" and 20/20 on this poem. Suprise?

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