Playing the lonely CDs and relating to the lyrics, I sit and listen loudly,
Bursting into random clips of vocals, accompanying the music, and I love the way I don’t
Quite fit in…no, not quite.

All of these buildings are the same, you know? And they’re never going to change,
And people inside them sit and watch the television, watching for God I guess.
He’s in there, isn’t he? "God is in the TV"…

I get tired of the same CD and turn on the radio just to hear arguments and news,
And I shake my head and push the radio into the trashcan, no second thoughts…
Let’s be childish, say I, and forget about the horrid world around us,
Make use of the lollipops, give the smiles a reason and use them against the enemy
Pretend to be tolerant, be polite.

I am here to be myself and I expect to be let go, to be allowed to become
Whom I want, whom I wish, to become who I should have been Instead of who I am.

How the people around us post and post, and how some will never comprehend,
So all I say is “Their's is not to try, / Their's is but to do and die.”

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