Pray little children that time is your friend.
Pray it be gentle, tender to the end.
Spiraling ever onward, inexorably rolling
until finally your survivors we'll be consoling.

and the years cascade like shooting stars

Remember when your days flowed like the river?
Remember the difference between the gift and the giver.
Take the gifts and give when you may
Cherish your nights and relish your days.

gather yee rosebuds, poor child of mine

The end to all things will come quick enough
A time past caring without bluster or bluff
To go down in the ground to your final rest
Sleeping unmoving and dreaming with zest.

all fall down, all fall down

Whispering with lips cold and immobile
"Goodbye, my love- it's just for a while.
Together again and joined we'll be,
no longer shackled but alive and free.

for a time

Alive and free and strong and young
tasting new kisses, love giving tongue
to declarations again fresh and anew
until down they will go for the count, round two.

futility as a deathstyle

Today simply hold my hand
walk in the sunlight and remark how grand
it is to be you and alive in this place.
Having found one another among the whole human race.

I love you

A reward for existing on this corporeal plane
our sharing a life and sharing a name.
To build a home and children create
and dodge all the dangers, the Fates placate.

as best we are able

To experience the joys, the fears and the pains
to understand finally within our warm brains
This journey we're on will finally cease
and down we'll go, our hands folded in peace.

into that cold cold ground

The Night's Plutonian Shore: The 2007 Halloween Horrorquest

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