While mundane suburbia sleeps
Philanthropist nocturnal creeps,
The Ralgrub! With (on this one date)
A crimson-snouted ungulate.
Thus rhinitis leads a crew
Of strangely avian caribou
Harnessed to a surface planer
That bears a burlap stitched container
Parking in unlikely places
The Ralgrub drops the glistening traces
Of the primitive contrivance
(Built with pixilate connivance)
Then proceeds this winter vagrant
Clad in raiment loud and flagrant,
To the narrow noxious vent
That proffers ingress and descent.
Girth and cargo notwithstanding,
Custom slates a graceful landing.
Artifacts secured in cubes
Are transferred next to knitted tubes
Dragging burlap limp and spent
Ralgrub climbs (via noxious vent)
'Till he's hailed by steamy snorting
Of nine quadrupeds cavorting
Yet no local makes objection,
Roof-borne herd escapes detection.
Ralgrub melts like some mirage,
Despite his scarlet camouflage
Fade to black, weird retinue
Of tundral beasts! Then start anew.
There's loot unending to disburse,
The Ralgrub! Burglar in reverse.

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