How do you do that? You write like I think. Every idea I've never had flows from your fingertips. I've cried by your words, and I laugh when you make something so trivial seem so important. It's almost like you're real. I wish I knew you. I wish I had the chance to know you. Would you feel in person like you feel across the comforting ether? You're a treasure in a locked chest. You're an angry rose, piercing me for wanting to touch you. I'll bet you're not who you say you are. I'll bet you're not who you think you are.

I want to know the things you won't even tell yourself. Can you trust a stranger with all those secrets? You're the kind of stranger I would trust. I know that already. Talk to me. Smile at me. Yell at me, I don't care. I may be pretentious and I may be wrong, I just wish you were real.
You are in my elevator
five days a week
up, but not down

I have read your nametag silently                                                                                                                                                            when I know you could hear me

out loud, when I am by myself

Your name is in our internal directory

I am unable to explain you away as fiction
I cannot scroll you off my page 

you are here

You are within my reach
within sight
completely out of my league






You're in my head
Five days past sunday
and reflected, everywhere

I read your mind, once
silently picking up the discarded and empty
thoughts you didn't dare offer

Your name floats and dips
buoyant and lyrical

You've migrated to a fictional world
twenty pages and an epiphany ago

You were floating
just out of reach
but within my sight
sparkling leagues above me
a message in a bottle

Thanks to etouffee for obvious reasons.

You are in my eyes,
five times this breath, alone
and I can't escape your whispers

I read your lips
silently, they spoke to me
they twist and turn, like only we could

Your name is an idea
Perfection, manifested

Like a simple page,
wanting a princess he can't
you are here

I can't reach any further
the strain, you know
it's just too far
won't you meet me there,
in league with my dreams?

Thanks to both etouffee and pint, for more obvious reasons.

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