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For those who want to gift me. Or to my secret santa (or santess...) I am easy to please. I'm much more interested in something without a receipt. Or, if a receipt must be had, I am pleased with it having been augmented some way. Do me something creative... A bunch of recipies with ingredients for some in bags, even though I probably already have flour. A mix CD with your most listened to songs, and then one with your least listened to songs. A fifty word autobiography about... me. Try to find what you can about me. If you're clever, and know your way around Google and my (stark) homenode, you might be able to conjure up something interesting. The easier way out (but equally appreciated) might be to make up an alter ego for me. If you do this, you must illustrate it. Bonus points for comic book/graphic novel format. If you can't tell I'm being rather facetious, then I'll be even happier. The truth is, these things would be nice. Something completely original would be nice. Something as simple as simple could be would work too- my expectations are never that high. Please impress me, though? It's easy. I promise.
What's there to easily be said about my life?
I'm enjoying it. That's for sure. I'm enjoying it a lot. I feel selfish for this.
I'm building my business. I would love to see it turn into something huge. I know the steps I need to start down to get there- it involves developing something that has a subscription base, so we have a firm revenue stream working for us. I need this. I want to finish my school, and see where my business is by then. Things will change a lot over the next few years, but I'm confident I'll end up somewhere superb. I can't guarantee it'll be here... I want to move. I want to live somewhere beautiful, where I can taste the fresh air, and go swimming in the lake, and where my future kids can go 'slporing in the woods behind my house and somewhere where it snows. I want to travel all over, and see as much as I can with someone who loves it as much as I do.

I want to become someone amazing. I want to learn more, and about everything. Next semester, I'm going to focus more on school, but I want to get back into reading more. I would *like* to become more physically active... I actually enjoy things like playing catch with my brother, swimming, hiking and that sort of thing...

I want so many things. I know I have the capacity, but I wish... well, the way my ex put it, I wish I could just forward ahead 5 years, past all of this uncertainty.

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