To Him She Is A Beauty
a poem by RainMirage

She's never heard a pick-up line.
Eyes do not follow where she walks.
In rooms she enters, no one gawks.
She's never been the pretty kind.
She's never been a beauty.

There is one with a different view,
Who looked into her heart one day.
Since then he gazed a different way
And saw the splendor no one knew.
To him she is a beauty.

When other girls with smaller waists
Bat longer lashes at her beau,
Their every offer's answered "no."
He knows no one can take her place.
To him she is a beauty.

When she wakes up with hair amuss
And no cosmetics shield her face,
When for her make-up bag she'll race,
He doesn't understand the fuss.
To him she is a beauty.

When she has had one of those days
And cannot hold the tears inside,
From him she doesn't need to hide
For she finds comfort in his gaze.
To him she is a beauty.

When late at night she's pale and tired,
He kisses her and holds her tight.
He slyly dims the bedroom light
And whispers that she's much desired.
To him she is a beauty.

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