This love is not mine; it's something I give to you because you are the true owner of it, like returning a long-lost possession back to its original bearer. "Did you lose this? I found it and realized its value- has your name written all over it. Here. Fairly precious, this thing called love." I wish I could say that it's mine, though. It certainly feels nice and definitely makes me happy to hold it in my hands, but I fear that if I hold it for too long, this thing that belongs to you and you alone, it might cause me more damage than if I simply handed it over to you.

So I offer you this love and you say the appropriate thing in response: Thank you. It's a simple transaction, really.

But what does this mean, in the long-run? That's the terrifying thing about saying "I love you" to someone: what will tomorrow bring? Because, let's face it, sometimes we give things to the wrong people, people that aren't meant to have such precious things as our hearts. Love is a gamble, but giving it is betting on the big money, which can sometimes be foolish in and of itself.

We are all gamblers with our hearts. Red or black, it doesn't matter, when the Wheel of Time stops spinning, your chances of winning are still about 50/50. And, of course, only time will tell. I don't care how apt a cliché is, sometimes a cliché can be as nasty and blindingly simple as a train wreck. Blast wave and all, a cliché spells things out for those who really understand them and for those of us who don't understand them, well, love is a boon for the wicked and foolish, too. And to those who experience it, love is never a cliché.

There should be easier, simpler, less confusing ways to say "I love you" to someone. Words just don't carry the same weight as the feeling behind them. Actions speak louder than words, for those who have eyes to listen. Look around. Do the actions of someone who says they love you actually carry the conviction of their words? I don't have much in this world except my honor and my deeds; I try to use them wisely and not spend them on the heedless, for the heedless are not the true, intended owners of love.

I give you my love. Please spend it wisely.

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