"You might want to get down for this."
the second guesses, the flat and gutted landscapes
laying in wait for new machines to be built
screaming and groaning born in factory towns
-born in anger, produced in anger
(powerful in their anger)
highways, metallic strongholds, cables
and gears, mechanism control
smokes tear across the turnpike, the tollbooths
rape the passerby, collection of metals
silvers, golds, irons and asphalt
pouring down the hills into standing water
drains empty the oil onto tankers
burning their way to India, Mexico, China
cashes in its chips and opens the gate
to complete reformation, the diesel age
conception to completion a classical nightmare
the western lands switch to offense,
mechanics organize, construction workers revolutionize
art into devastation, complete loss of entropy
cannonballs and steel reinforced anarchy
america wakes up from her dream well rested
and gets down to work;
poets are systematically hunted down and
buried alive in the foundations of offices and strip malls
warehouses are the meeting places for orgies and idealists
nobel laureates predict the apocalypse, spineless
professors publish their memoirs in a vain attempt
to regain the intellectual highground
state parks are bulldozed for landfills, arboretums
cut away for kindling, (we're the last thing to go)
everything must go, it's all too much
time spent, wasted, recycled into park benches
sat on for packed lunches, aluminum, plastics,
Erectors, Fabricators untrustworthy mob lunches
afternoons spent in gridlock, picnics on watertowers
siphoning off with intent,
limiting with jurisdiction,
inheriting maliciousness,
unreasonable asylum attempt restraint no fail
safety undergone underground run run run

d e t e r i o r a t i o n u n d e r s t o o d

lend me your hands......i......i......ah my memory is gone......

-dem bones-
After the Fall

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