The golden sun faded into the horizon leaving it's orange glow
An evaporating collage of pink clouds, manifesting faint stars, and a dying twilight
It was the eve of night and the 2 lovers were at the edge of paradise
Remotely absent from reality
They stare into each other's eyes
He caresses her hand tenderly
Sitting at a candle lit table outside a quaint cafe surrounded by scenic Barcelonan evening
Consuming vintage wine like air
Placing a white rose in her hair
Arousing slumbering seduction
Infatuated with her alluring ardor
Carlos plays his Spanish Guitar
Serenading them with this passionate intense melody illustrating their desires and lust
Departing together swallowed whole by the mysterious darkness
The fragrance of flowers lingering in the summer night's breeze
Her body at sweltering degrees
Impulses lead her to submerge herself into the foutain's stream
She basks in the moonlight's subtle gleam
Casting a silhouette of the contours of her heavenly flesh
He's too practical to jump in with her, mesmerized by her captivating soul
She leaps onto the plush grass gracefully
He drifts closer to her delicate frame
Lips embrace, bodies fuse, igniting an elusive blaze
The guitar's dim theme of their night still resonating in their ears
Their only witness is the celestial cathedral of stars, midnight sky, and the claro de luna

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