It was so innocent at first--only the first flirtatious glimpses of twilight chose to throw their impressions upon the sky and upon my vulnerable heart. Sitting on a bench awaiting a ride home, I lazily gazed into the crepuscular horizon with eyes that failed to see the heartache hidden within such blosoming beauty.

Thoughts drifting in and out...and the sound of dogs barking...the interplay of car and pavement...and I noticed it was darker.

The landscape was less defined. Trees which minutes before had seemed rooted in reality had taken on the quality of a photograph distorted by time and weakening chemicals.

And I was weakening...

A cool breeze teased my hair and I swear I heard the trees laughing. I was no longer only carlessly staring into the sky. Now I could see what intentions therein lay.

Fully realizing such a crass attempt to sway my senses, I put on a front which I hoped wouldn't betray my inner feelings. But the night continued it's slow descent into sensuality and I couldn't resist.

The air grew thicker and I decided I would stay out all night and not only view the transformation, but actually be a participant in it.

But that's when an all-too-uncaring individual decided
to whisk me away in a chariot made of fire
and I could only look longingly out of the window
to fullfill my desire.

And I'm broken...

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