Look into my eyes
Tell me that you love me
Tell me that I'm the only one
Tell me that I can trust you
Tell me I have nothing to fear

The myth that you can see if someone is lying by looking into their eyes is not always true. Even with someone whose expressions are constantly in your mind, and lovingly memorized.

There is a glimmer of truth to this. As humans we give away signs that we don't believe what we are saying, that we are ashamed of what we are saying, that we are afraid of what we are saying. But someone who is depressed, or in a mood that you have rarely seen can deceive you easily...

Sometimes, someone you have loved with all your heart...
someone you loved for everything about them...
someone you shared everything with and had no secrets from...
someone who had never deceived you before...
can look you straight in the eyes, and with apparent conviction, tell the most blatant of untruths.

To me appeared, reflected in your eyes,
The fits and starts of restless life's parade --
A few that nestled in awhile and stayed,
Still more that only briefly passed us by.
A captive to this glance that never strayed,
I ponder all you showed to me, and try
To pick apart the verities and lies:

Now if I turned from you, I am afraid
I would not know the real things for their sights;
If by some luck this sense to me returned,
I'd seek you out, that it might be unlearned,
To bask again in those your eyes, my lights --

That someday soon, the ardor in my stare
Might draw your eye to mine, and fix it there.

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