Frank sped down the two-lane state road in his red Lexus, blurring the dense pine and palmetto hiding hungry black bears and ghostly panthers. His crotch throbbed from his morning screw with Mary, and he thought about how he left her in the hotel room, wrapped up in the cheap sheets, a hundred dropped on her black lace panties by the door and a promise to see her in a few weeks when he came back to Jacksonville on business.

Not the only one I'll do today, he said to himself. He checked his frosted hair and architecturally perfect smile in the rearview. Man, I'd even fuck myself. But Jennifer will have to do.

He'd left Jax early just on the chance Jennifer didn't have to work until later. Luck was on his side. Her first dance at the strip club began at 6 p.m. Cool, he thought. That'll give me enough time to have her more than once before heading home.

Frank's wife, Anne, had to work late and so the girls would be in after-school. No one would be home until 7 p.m. Dinner. Tucking in. Goodnight kisses. Then a welcome home fuck from the wife.

"Oh, yes indeedy," he said, thinking about stuffing Anne with Jennifer's juice still clinging to him. "A three-pussy day."

As he strained against his zipper, he decided a beer was in order. He glanced at his watch, 11:13 a.m. A beer before lunch and a fuck before dinner. Shit, it's gonna be a good day.

Up ahead on his right, almost invisible in the trees, stood a tiny two-pump gas station and convenience store. He rolled on to the bumpy gravel and dirt lot. The thick, still air sucked away his breath as he stepped from his chilled coccoon. "Shit, it's hot," he said. "Hotter'n hell."

A bell tinkled as he openned the screen door and a thin rusty spring closed it with a wheeze, like a dying final exhalation. Inside it was a bit cooler, but not much. Red ceiling fans shoved the hot air around. Frank walked down a cramped aisle crowded with shoulder-high shelves, pulled out a quart bottle of Bud from the foggy-doored cooler and went to the empty counter.

"Hello? Anyone around?"

He was about to leave without paying when she entered the store from the back room.

"Oh," she said, startled, dabbing the corners of her mouth with a finger. "I'm sorry. I was just finishing up a late breakfast and didn't hear you come in."

The pit of Frank's stomach fell out and his heart tightened. If he'd checked, he would've found tiny zipper marks against his surging erection. Even with half of her obscured by the shelves, Frank realized without a doubt that this woman was the most profoundly beautiful creature he had ever seen in his life. She seemed to float, not walk, across the store.

The first thing Frank noticed, of course, were her breasts, large and unconstrained, holding out her white cut-off t-shirt like an awning. Delicately etched abs rippled with each step. Smooth powerful legs poured from black running shorts and ended in bare feet, toenails painted red. As she turned to go behind the counter, Frank saw an ass so round and hard he'd swear he could break walnuts on it. He'd already decided he was going to do much more.

Her unadorned hands rested on the green counter, and she pushed her awning toward him. Those tits, he thought, but then his synapses skipped when he glanced at her face.

A lock of white curled lazily down her forehead, but the rest, midnight black, framed high cheekbones. He felt himself falling in to her pale, grey eyes, losing control. Aquilline nose. Tender but forceful jawline. Then the kicker -- her lips.

Full and unnaturally red, bursting, almost muscular, delineating a mouth a bit too wide for her face. Frank added to his planned itinerary. He knew what would look good sliding between those lips.

"How may I help you?" Her voice, varnished by whiskey and cigarettes, brought Frank back to the present. A little extra tongue pushed through help.

"I could think of a lot of ways," Frank said. He ran his hand through his hair and tilted his head. "And I'm sure you'd enjoy them too."

"Well, sir," she said, her tongue nearly leaping from her mouth as she spoke, "I do so enjoy a man who gets to the point."

Frank felt the air around him thicken and warm as she sauntered around the counter past him to the front door, locked it and flipped the hanging sign to Closed. She passed him again, a firm squeeze on his crotch as she brushed her hard nipples against him. "Mmmm," she said. "Follow me."

This is too easy, Frank thought. But I don't care. Might even be worth it to no-show on Jennifer. This could be an all-day thing.

They entered the room she had come from, lined with boxes, illuminated by flickering florescent tubes and weak light through a dirty window. For a moment Frank felt he was underground.

She turned to him and tossed her shirt over her head. Franks eyes widened as her breasts sprang forth like charging horses. One hand kneaded Frank's hard cock while the other expertly unbuckled and openned his pants. A single shimmy slipped her from her shorts.

"My oh my," Frank said, his eyes gulping her naked body. "You're pretty good."

"I've had some practice."

With a fingernail she cut the band on his red thong and set his erection free. Frank took off his shirt, and she rubbed her breasts up and down his torso, slowly lowering until she sandwiched his cock between them.

"My thoughts exactly," Frank said, watching himself disappear and reappear. The room seemed to spike in temperature, hotter than outside. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants and became as naked as the girl. Sweat streamed from him, audibly dropping on to the dusty concrete floor.

She flicked his head with her tongue as he started to thrust against her, and he realized the reason behind her slight speech impediment. Her tongue was easily twice the length of a normal one, narrow and split at the end. It leapt from her lips and slipped so quickly around his dick he couldn't follow it. "Don't know where you learned that, bitch" he said. "But keep it coming."

She dropped lower, put her hands on his buttocks and shoved him in to her mouth. An electric roar rushed through his balls, down the back of his legs and up his spine. He felt her working him from the top of his skull. Of all the mouths he'd pressured his penis in to, this was uncharted territory. A vaginal mouth. His lust compass spun wildly. Sex meters redlined. The sounds of her sucking echoed in the room, and his balls tightened.

"Hold on, honey," Frank said, pulling out. "I'm not ready to blow just yet. Let me take care of you first." Sweat ran in to his mouth as he spoke.

"I wouldn't hear of it," she said, stroking him. "Besides, you deserve it."

The heat in the room grew and attacked him, as if he stood in front of a blast furnace. He felt it melt his bones, squeezing the remaining sweat from him, causing his tongue to swell and his head to swim. She continued licking and kissing his balls and cock which had now reached a level of hardness he'd never experienced before, as if it would snap off at any moment, it's own sentient being. His body did not feel like his anymore.

"I want you in my mouth," she said.

With that, she pulled him back in, balls included. Frank held her head and began pumping. I don't care anymore, he thought. Just want to shoot my wad and get the hell outta here.

"Jesus fucking Christ," he said, feeling something pry in to his asshole. That was it. He came with a violent grunt, feeding her thick jolts until he was spent. Finally, he thought, his chest heaving. Now I can leave.

Still vacuum-sealed to him, however, the girl continued to lick and suck in her miraculous way as he deflated. To Frank's surprise, within a minute he was hard again. Well, well, he thought, I am proud of me. Maybe I won't leave after all.

"Hey there," he said, breaking away. "My turn now, little missy."

"Oh no," she said. "Didn't you hear what I said?"

She rubbed his erection with both hands, thumbs over the head. He could not believe that he was about to come again. Then he noticed she hadn't sweat at all. In fact, floating curtains of steam rose from her dry skin and her hands felt like ice.

"I said I want you in my mouth."

Her tongue shot out, wrapped itself around his dick and yanked it in like frog with a bug. The next second needle-like teeth bit in to the soft flesh just above his pubic bone. A slash with her fingernails detached his voicebox, quieting any screams. What he sensed in his rectum was not a finger as he supposed, but her knife-tipped tongue slicing through his heated body, through jellied bone, tendon, tissue, to his heart, which burst when struck like a rotten tomato.

Frank got in a couple of punches to her head before she grabbed his arms and snapped them at the shoulders like chicken wings. He shut his eyes to the sound of his lungs filling with blood.

"Look at me," she said.

As he did, his cock blood dripping from her beautiful lips, her face transformed. Nose lengthened, lowering to mouth which grew with an elongated head, jaw stopping far behind the eyes. Her hair retracted in to her scalp, replaced with thick scales. The eyes in which he'd nearly lost himself rolled back and darkened. A second eyelid blinked from bottom to top, delivering a burning orange slit.

She sprang up, both balancing Frank in her mouth and letting gravity feed her more of him. Holding his knees, she popped his femurs from his hip and guided him down her throat up to his chest, his shins along his ears, a tortured doll. An attempted final scream failed, only gargled blood sprayed against his own skin and hers.

One more gulp had him to the shoulders. Using her tongue, she pushed in his head and arms. She looked in to his eyes, lifeless now for a while.

Easier than most, she thought with a chuckle. She closed her mouth with a satisfying squelch and swallowed.

She curled up in the pool of blood and sweat he left, absorbing them until her previous features returned.

Then she stood and washed herself with a hose behind the store. After dressing, she unlocked the front door, flipped the sign to Open and dabbed the corners of her mouth with a finger.

A week later, a towtruck called by the highway patrol pulled a red Lexus from the side of a two-lane state road. There was no sign of the driver and no visible reason for him to stop.

Lovingly submitted for The Blood is the Life: A Frightful Halloween Quest. Inspired by watching our snake eat a mouse.

She was giving him an adoring gaze. He wasn't aware of it, but it was the same look she'd given countless others before him. He only knew it was warm and loving, and he loved her for loving him.

"You are so sweet, so edible," she murmured.

He smiled at her nervously, and adjusted his top curl. She was so beautiful, and he couldn't believe he'd even managed to end up in the same room with this goddess. Yet, here he was, and she had chosen to give him that seductive attention. She smiled back at him, and fingered his glimmering leisure suit. He shuddered unwittingly, even though she hadn't actually touched him. Somehow he knew she was coming on to him, and he wouldn't be able to resist sharing his bare brown body with her. It would be his first time, and he nearly lost control before she'd even peeled away his scarf.

"Be still, my love," she breathed, and ran her fingers down his torso so lightly his whole body shivered with ticklish ecstasy. "Relax. Let me take care of you."

Gingerly, she pulled at his shiny lapels until they stood up on their own around his neck. "You look like Elvis. He's my favorite singer, you know." He judged from her husky tone that this was a huge complement, even though he didn't know who this "Elvis" was. His delicate ego comforted, he happily took her word, relaxed and submitted to her expert hands.

She smiled again, greedily this time, undoing his jacket and sliding it down around his shoulders. Then she leaned forward and licked his neck. The shock nearly sent him lurching across the room, but instead he was paralyzed and dizzy. Her tongue was so warm, so wet; he was mesmerized by it. Was this love? He couldn't be sure but he did know he wanted more. She appeared to sense his intense desire, and peeled off the rest of his silvery coverings. It seemed the more excited he became, the more precisely and exactly her infliction of pleasure came. Peel and lick, lick and peel. Finally, he reached a point where he swore he could take no more.

"I want you in my mouth," whispered her deep and hungry voice, right on cue.

"Take me! Oh my sweet God, take me!" he gasped.

Her pearly white teeth glimmered. Strange, he'd never noticed before how sharp those incisors were, almost like blades. He looked into her eyes as she came at him, and now they were half-closed and insane. She looked like a rabid animal. Something clicked in his head, and he realized he was in the wrong place with the wrong woman. She opened her mouth and engulfed his most sacred parts. He shrieked and tried to run, but it was too late. She'd already begun to consume his whole body, his soul, his curl.

It was too much. With a final twitch of the cells in his brain, Hershey S. Kiss melted. She savored him for a moment, then reached for another victim.

Who said The Blood is the Life: A Frightful Halloween Quest was only terrifying to people?

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