Hysterically funny (and barely R-rated) adventure video game featuring Larry Laffer, a balding, fortyish pleasure seeker whose "old lady threw him out last month". (He doesn't say that the old lady is his mother.) In the course of the game, he has to a) find true love, b) get married, and c) get laid, though not necessarily in that order, over the course of an evening in Las Vegas, using only breath spray, $50 in cash, and various things he can buy, trade for, or shall we say, acquire in the most unlikely of places, as he goes from bar to nightclub to casino. Larry's world is harsh, paradoxical, expensive, and incredibly accurate, and over the course of the night, you'll find yourself dealing with a hot tub, a mysterious private suite, a sex survey, Spanish Fly, several rounds of deliriously tasteless jokes, and much more better experienced than described.

For an 8-bit game, the graphics are just right -- utilizing the 80's penchant for Art Deco and geometrical motifs, the interiors have an agreeably sleazy look, while the only people who appear as anything other than gently suggested pixel animations (David Letterman, or someone who looks just like him, makes an appearence) are Larry's women, who appear as full-screen Patrick Nagel-like still portraits -- even when I know what's coming, they still leave me perplexed, and somewhat breathless. As Larry probably is, I suppose.

You can tell I like this game. You will too.

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