Fairly self-descriptive. Wings from chickens. Usually coated with some sort of spicy or honey sauce. Served as a snack food along with copious quantities of beer.

Chicken wings are sometimes called Buffalo wings in the misguided belief that they form some part of the anatomy of a bison. This seems somewhat unlikely, as flying bison are a rare sight indeed, and such small wings could not imaginably lift such large mammals.
This is my Grandfather's Recipe. It is very similar to the Chicken Karaage served in some Japanese restaurants. However, I am Chinese and we never call it Chicken Karaage :) You might get away with calling it Ja Gai (Deep fried chicken)or something but don't count on it :)

The recipe is very simple and the measurements are inexact :) Remember, an assload is relative. Whenever I make deep fried food I like to make it in assloads, so make sure you have a lot of friends to enjoy it with.

The ingredients

An assload of chicken wings - if you get the whole wings you can seperate them into wings and drummets
An assload of seasoning salt
An assload of cornstarch
An assload of soy sauce

The Method

If you have a deep fryer make whatever preparations need be made. I use a wok or a saucepan on high heat.
Pour enough oil in the wok to be able to submerge the chicken, maybe about 2 inches deep.
Rinse the chicken and shake it dry. Put the chicken in a large bowl and pour in enough soy sauce that you can coat each piece. Dust each piece with seasoning salt. When the oil is hot (Stephan Yan's Chinese Thermometer: Take a wooden chopstick, touch it to the bottom of the pan, if bubbles form around the chopstick the oil is ready: DO NOT use plastic chopsticks. A wet chopstick is cheating.) Pour in some cornstarch and mix the chicken around with it, you want each piece to be coated in gooey soy/cornstarch. You're now ready to fry... place a single layer of chicken in the wok and fry until golden, maybe about 5-7 minutes. You don't want raw chicken do you?

I usually strip the meat of these and eat them with rice, but you can eat them with whatever sauce you like.

Buffalo Chicken Wings are simply chicken wings basted in a red pepper based sauce. They may be baked, barbequed, or deep fried. This is my recipe that I've developed over the years.

Mix together:
  • Marinate for several hours if possible.
    Start the barbeque heating
    Drink 2 Sierra Nevada Pale Ales while waiting for the coals to heat up.
    Cook the chicken until done, basting liberally with sauce.
    Drink 2 more beers while cooking the wings.
    Remove 10 wings from the finished plate and stash them somewhere safe so you have wings when everyone else is done.
    Serve with blue cheese dressing, carrot sticks and celery sticks
    Drink more Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
    Remember your secret wing stash and enjoy.

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