cold silvered moon
low and heavy

we are walking to my car.

we pause, you turn,
  pull me into your flannel
  our warmth shared
wrap long arms around me
  hold me for eternity

  eternity crumbles
   as you pull back
   to see my face
  to let me see yours

streetlamp light flings
  false eyelash shadows
  up to your brow

your bright eyes
  beautiful as always, like stars
hold mine
  a kiss without lips

your lips touch mine
    the world falls away

  and zooms back again
   for a final hug
    "go on" you say

I break away to
    the coldness outside your arms
    the coldness inside my car

   ignition turns over
  pulling away
you salute, i blow a kiss

"I love you", i say
    but only when you cannot hear

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