go on and laugh...

because it makes the day go by faster.
because we're all happy hum-drum droids.
because laughing burns calories.
because it's funny.
because you can't face reality.
because your insides tickle.
because he said "duty."
because there's nothing else to do.
because i amuse you so.
because she said that funny line from that funny movie.
because it brings us closer.
because laughing brings tears, makes you feel like you're feeling.
because when you hurt it's all you can do.
because life is good.
because it's easier than trying to understand me.

sometimes, i wish people didn't find me so funny. i'm nothing to them but a quick joke, a random quote. it's nice, you know, when people tell you that you're funny...but when that's all they do, you can't help but feel disillusioned. everyone, no matter how shallow they may seem, is brimming with complexity. never, never, never think they're less complicated than you.

humans are all such tricky little beings.

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