(a snapshot of a wandering mind)

                     The circle is complete   Sitting outside after class one day

              Will become the sunlight                     Just letting my mind wander
         Plants and fungi                                       I was watching the sunlight

     Will eventually return to the earth                           Stream through some branches

   The light that I am                                          I thought of it hitting the grass

 Envisioning further                                                   Visualized the grass turning

I became the sunlight                                               That sunlight, that photo energy

 Transferred to me                                                   Into energy for itself to use.

   Converting to energy                                            The grass became the sunlight.

     I envisioned the meal                                                     In my mind’s eye

         As I ate I felt a change                              A cow bent her head to graze

              Awaits me on the table                             As the grass’s energy

                    A hamburger                       transformed within the cow
                                    The cow became the sunlight

I had just left a class in Botany. We were discussing how plants make food out of light and how they transform the energy. My mind just wandered taking it to the next level of how energy moves up the chain of life. It is the same energy just flowing around in a neverending circle.(of course, this is assuming that no energy is used up in the conversion. We all know that isn't the case since most life is wasteful with regards to energy use, but that is another node...)

We are ALL sunlight transformed!

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