Association of Tennis Professionals- the international organization that runs most of Men's professional tennis- includes the Grand Slam- French Open, US Open, etc.

Short for Available To Promise, a term used in ERP, Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Denotes whether a resource or physical goods is available at a certain time in the future under given circumstances.

Airline Transport Pilot

The highest grade pilot certificate you can get in the US. The ATP certificate allows you to fly as pilot in command for hire for a Part 121 air carrier. It comes in Single Engine, Multi Engine and powered lift(helicopter) varieties.

The requirements for an ATP certificate are:
1.)At least 23 years of age.
2.)Hold a first class medical certificate.
3.)Be able to speak , read, and write the english language.
4.)Hold a Commercial Pilot certificate with instrument rating, have equivalent military experience, or hold a foreign ATP certificate.
5.)Receive and log ground instruction outlined in 14 CFR 61.155.
6.)Pass a knowledge exam with a score of 70% or higher.
7.)Accumulate 1,500 hours total time including 500 Cross Country time, 100 night, 75 actual or simulated instrument, 250 hours time as Pilot in Command or Second in Command performing necessary duties while supervised by PIC.
8.)Pass a practical test given by an FAA examiner or Designated Pilot Examiner.
9.) And, a holdover from headier days, Be of good moral character. Anybody's guess.

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