I know what you’re thinking
as you tutor me in math.
That I must be stupid
for not being two years ahead.
Fuck you.
You can’t make me feel worthless
just because I’m dumber then you.

Maybe these numbers don’t mean shit to me,
but that doesn’t mean
that I’m a Neanderthal.
Yes I know what that means.

You think I’m too dumb
to see what you’re doing?
She tells me you know.
She thinks it’s cute.
Don’t hate me
just because life isn’t a book
And the “sensitive” guy doesn’t always get the girl.

Maybe my poems will never get published
or praised by the teacher
but she still knows I love her.
I don’t need fancy words.

And you're not fooling anybody
pretending to be deep.
Everybody knows
you’re full of shit.

And don’t sneer at me
when I wear my jersey.
Just because
it doesn’t have any variables
doesn’t mean anyone can do it.
If I had to
I could protect her.
Could you?

I hear you talk
about how I drink
and how I deal with kids.
You're not perfect either.
And I am always soo sorry
that I’m never strong enough
when I need to be.
I try harder every day.

Don’t try to judge me.
You don’t know how we, how I am
when we are alone.
I love her.
I don’t need poetry to tell her that.

There’s a reason I get the girl.
You know that she’s smart.

And Shut UP.
You’re not that ugly.

Go blame you instead of me.

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